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Understanding Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Understanding Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Experiencing a fire in the home or business can be devastating. Most people think that the most hectic part of fire damage is trying to get everyone out to a safe place. While this may be challenging, the tough part comes when the fire restoration experts have left home or the building affected by a utility room fire. When the fire suppression experts and their fire hose or fire sprinkler system have left, you get to assess the damage which has occurred. If you do not have the right guidelines on how you can restore your home to the state it was in before the electrical fire broke out, you might end up feeling very frustrated. Below are some tips that can help you when it comes to fire damage restoration.

Avoid trying to handle the fire damage or fire suppression from a utility room fire

The first mistake that most of the homeowners after commercial fire damage is seeking to manage the soot damage, smoke damage, water damage from the fire hose, and fire destruction. It is advisable that:

• You avoid trying to wipe off smoke and soot damage from the walls, the floors and any other surfaces affected by fire damage or utility room fire.

• Avoid making use of carpets, curtains and any other of the upholstery because it could be having heavy smoke damage, soot damage, and debris. They could also have moisture from the fire sprinkler system water.

• Avoid using any canned goods that might have been exposed to heat as they could open explosively.

• Wait for someone from the fire restoration company to assess electrical appliances before trying to turn them on, especially if the source of the electrical fire is not known.

Call in fire restoration and fire suppression experts immediately

There is more to commercial fire damage and fire restoration than most people understand. For instance, if the firefighter and his fire truck used a fire sprinkler system or a fire hose in their efforts to do fire suppression, you may have to do water cleanup as part of the damage restoration. It is therefore advisable to call in restoration experts to handle the entire process after the fire hose and fire truck leaves.

The benefits of allowing the experts to handle the restoration after commercial fire damage

The first benefit that comes from hiring the fire suppression professionals is that they will respond as soon as you contact them about an electrical fire or a utility room fire. They get started with the process as soon as the firefighter leaves, thus, you will not have to stay out of the house or commercial building for longer than they have to. The experts also keep you out of harm’s way because as soon as they get to the house, they will install board up and a roof tarp to protect the weak structures from collapsing.Note that the force of the water leaving the fire sprinkler system also weakens some already compromised structures.

The other benefit which comes from contacting the experts for commercial fire damage restoration is that the result of the service will be better than it would have been in the case of doing the restoration yourself.

The restoration process

The first thing the experts do when they get to the site assesses the extent of the electrical fire damage and other damages caused by the firefighter. Before any activity is carried out, they will determine the internal structure of the house to confirm whether it is safe to enter. They will clear any water that could have been used by the firefighter. Board up service is done to support the interior of the house from collapsing, and to protect the structure from outside access.

The next step in the process is cleaning up any smoke damage and soot damage that might have occurred as a result of the fire truck. The cleaning process has to be carried out using the best detergents because smoke stains and smoke damage is not easy to get rid of. After the cleanup has been done, the experts will assess the condition of the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. If there are permanent stains, they will repaint. The walls and the floors will also be assessed, if there are certain structures which have been weakened by the fire, the restoration company will do remodeling. They leave the house when it has been restored to the state it was before the fire trucks. Visit http://www.SERVPRObaytownchannelview.com for more for information on fire damage.

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