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Preventing Commercial Fire Damage From Happening Again

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Preventing Commercial Fire Damage From Happening Again

The aftermath of commercial fire damage can be a serious issue. Commercial fire damage can cause all kinds of problems in any space including fire damage and soot damage. It can also mean damage in the interior after a fire sprinkler system has been on for many hours. A fire sprinkler system combined with a firefighter with a fire hose from the fire truck can create problems including broken windows, water logged flooring and an entry way that is littered with dust and garbage. Putting out an electrical fire or a utility room fire may mean fires from the electricity that have spread and damaged valuable electrical equipment. A firefighter may have been called after the fire sprinkler system went off in the space. Smoke damage may have spread in the aftermath of the electrical fire. work spaces and other areas important to the day to day running of the business may also be in poor shape after a fire hose along with the fire sprinkler system and other fire suppression methods have been used to help put out a utility room fire.

Where the Fire Started

Identifying the places where the fire started is not always easy. An electrical fire may have been started just about anywhere. Even a utility room fire may have started in places that are not always visible. When looking at fire suppression methods, it's a good idea to know where the fire damage began. Smoke damage happens as a result of fire damage in some area of the space. A firefighter will want to know where the fire damage started as they bring their fire truck and fire hose with them. The firefighter can help the business owner figure out where the commercial fire damage started. They can also help the business owner figure out what issues such as water from the fire hose may may existed as well. Any business owner needs to know where the fire started so they can figure out what to do next in order to fight future problems like soot damage and further damage from the fire truck. It's a good idea to spend some time examining an area that had electrical fire damage as this is often the source of the problem in first place.

Professionals Can Offer Advice

Many business owners want to look for ways during the fire restoration process to create future fire suppression methods that work. For example, a utility room fire may have started after something sparked there. It may have been further spread by a fire truck outside. Knowing the root of the commercial fire damage and soot damage can help prevent future fire damage. Understanding how prior fire suppression methods have not quite worked can help with current fire restoration efforts and efforts to clean up smoke damage and soot damage. A professional fire restoration company can help the business owner by showing them exactly how the smoke damage got into many spaces. They can also help the owner of the space draw up a plan to make sure any fire is put out as soon as it starts.

All Areas of the Property

All areas of any property should be surveyed after the fire. This can help the owner decide exactly what steps they want to take right now to create a plan so that any problems with fire in the future are immediately resolved. Such a plan should be all about allowing any business owner to avoid potentially serious losses from fire in the future and clean up after the damage right now. The ideal plan will also help the owner make sure they and their employees know exactly how to respond should a fire break out somewhere in the location. With help from fire restoration experts in the field, it's possible to prevent fires and keep everyone in the office safe.
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Boarding up Your Home After a Fire

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Boarding up Your Home After a Fire

Those who have their home or business damaged by a fire will benefit by getting help from a restoration company that specializes in fire damage restoration. This type of company will help property owners restore their properties with services such as fire cleanup. When looking to get a property cleaned up after a fire, a restoration service company will board up parts of the property as well as use a number of tools and chemicals to eliminate excess debris and particles that remain from the fire. With these services, property owners will be in position to accelerate the recovery process of their home or commercial property.

One of the main reasons why it is important to use the services of a restoration company that offers fire damage restoration is to help address the effects of fire damage. When experiencing fire damage, property owners will be in danger of having their property ruined and uninhabitable. Fire damage can even cause the property to collapse and be lost. When a property gets fire damage, it can also leave toxic fumes and debris around. In order to address these problems, it is vital that owners of property get fire cleanup. With fire cleanup, property owners will be able to effectively limit the damage caused by fires. Like most other situations, restoration service companies will board up parts of the property and use special equipment to eliminate excess smoke, soot and other particles.

As well as getting fire cleanup, property owners that are looking to get fire damage restoration from a restoration company will want to address smoke damage and its subsequent smoke smell. Smoke damage and its resulting smoke smell often cause a lot of problems for properties after a fire. The smoke smell will usually leave an unpleasant odor. The smoke damage will usually cause structures of the property to decay and fall apart. As a result, it is important to use restoration service companies in order to address the effects of smoke damage and its smoke smell. As part of the process, a restoration service company will cleanse the property, get rid of debris and board up all parts that need to be protected.

A restoration company that specializes in fire damage restoration will also help you address soot damage. Similar to damage caused by a fire and smoke, soot damage can cause some problems for a property after a fire. Soot damage consists of a collection of dark particles that get on parts of the property and begin to cause decay. As a result of soot damage, your property can fall apart and lose value. When looking to address soot damage, a restoration service company will first board up the property and then clean off all of the soot. After eliminating soot, your property will be in position to recover from the effects of a fire.

There are two major types of properties that are affected by fires. They are residential homes and commercial properties. Whenever there is a fire in home, the effects are often devastating. However, the services of a restoration company will help homeowners recover more easily. Since a considerable amount of damage can occur from a fire in home, it is important to use fire damage restoration services immediately. A company will help address a fire in home by evaluating the damage and then taking the steps to restore it. Companies that specialize in restoration will address a fire in home by getting rid of debris and sanitizing the property. With these steps, property owners will be in position to resolve any problems that occur that are associated with a fire in home.

Damage from fires is not just limited to homes. They also effect business buildings as well. Similar to a home fire, commercial fire damage caused by a fire in business will often consist of smoke, soot and debris. Commercial fire damage caused by a fire in business is usually quite devastating and costly. This is why it is very important to get a restoration service company to help address the commercial fire damage caused by fire in business. With the assistance of a restoration service company, property owners will be able to more efficiently address commercial fire damage whenever they experience a fire in business.
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Tips for Hiring the Right Professional Storm Damage Restoration Firm

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Tips for Hiring the Right Professional Storm Damage Restoration Firm

Storm damage is among the most destructive and catastrophic encounters any individual can incur on their property. However, it would be great for an individual to hire quality flood restoration services to ensure that the restoration process is handled professionally. Heavy rains, wind damage, flood water, ice damage, mounting rivers, hurricane damage, frozen pipes along with other comparable situations will require you to hire qualified firms which have experience in handling especially storm remediation. Nevertheless, you need to consider various elements when hiring such firms to work on the storm damage restoration or ground water evacuation project.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Great Flood Restoration Company during flooding

• Licensing

Licensing is a necessary element to consider before hiring any firm to handle any hurricane damage or roof damage scenario during flooding. Every state will require each company undertaking such catastrophic situations to be fully approved before venturing in such a business. This is because hurricane damage, ice damage or even roof damage are technical encounters which will need some professional handling along with quality flood pump to remove flood water. The states also state that each firm undertaking the hurricane damage or wind damage services should be fully certificated and licensed for legibility purposes. A fully licensed company will always have thoroughly experienced and skilled experts in storm remediation.

• Experience

In such a scenario, no one wants to hire a firm that does not understand the scope of the ice dam project. Similarly, you must confirm that the company you hire has been handling such a flooding catastrophes and wind damage situations for the past five years or more. Some roof repair firms specialize in window restoration programs while others may do the actual roof restoration or ice damming restoration. Nevertheless, the primary objective is to hire a company that shall comprehensively undertake the restoration project fully from vacuuming the flood water to restoring the roof damage or water restoration.

• Consider Technology and Tools to be used In the Entire Project

Machines, ice dam equipment, and tools play a pivotal role in the home restoration programs, and they profoundly define the final results desired by any service provider for the storm restoration or storm remediation. Some people may have preferences when it comes to restoration products and machines. In this case, they would like the frozen pipes, ice dam damage, flood damage, wind damage or water restoration firm to use such products and machines such as flood pump in their project. A roof repair or ground water evacuation firm which uses advanced technology may be the best options for any home restoration program. This is because they guarantee quality and practical results in the storm restoration or roof damage projects. Always ensure that the river flooding, water damage, hail damage, ice damage restoration project improves the property to your desired standards.

• Always Consider Working with Insured Firms

Some home restoration projects are known to be risky. Hence, it would be necessary to find out if the firm you are hiring has a comprehensive cover for the project. Some clients will love to hire hail damage companies which understand the importance of insurance firms and work with them in the entire ice damming restoration projects. Strive to hire contractors with comprehensive insurance plans the cover their services and the property being handled as well as third parties which could be affected by the storm restoration or ice damming restoration program. In that way, one will be sure that the ground water evacuation, ice damage or hurricane damage home restoration or roof repair application will be handled in the best way possible.

• Understand the Reputation And Rating Of The Company

Every person would want to work with a company that is known for delivering quality results whether in river flooding scenarios or frozen pipes. Consulting your friends, to understand much regarding the roof leak company in your state could be a good idea. You can also follow the reputation of the roof leak or storm restoration companies online by viewing the ratings and recommendations from previous clients. Assessing the quality of the flood pump and the status of a flood water restoration firm based on the ratings and recommendation gives a client some level of confidence during the entire project. You can also consult your workmates and neighbors regarding any roof leak firms prevailing in the state and avoid getting disappointed in the course of the project.

• Responsiveness of the Water Restoration Company

Storm damage and flooding situations require quick responses. Storm remediation also needs to be done within the shortest time possible. Hence the firms should be responsive whether on frozen pipes, roof leaks, river flooding, and hail damage an ice dam or ground water evacuation scenarios using a quality flood pump. This will help the homeowner in preventing further destruction and river flooding.

If your property has been affected by the ice damming, storm damage or flood water, be sure about the various techniques used in the roof repair and the entire restoration programs. You can contact a competent firm that will give you all the tips needed in storm remediation. Roof damage, hurricane damage or hail damage catastrophes can also be predictable, and you should do the necessary steps in preventing such losses if warned against them.
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The Ultimate Guide to Water Damage Restoration

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

The Ultimate Guide to Water Damage Restoration

Flooding can occur in any place regardless of its elevation. A flooded home or business premise endangers occupants’ safety. More often than less, flood damage results from natural disasters. In some cases, it might be caused by burst sewer lines or pipes.

Categories of Water Damage

There are three general types of water damage that flooded home faces. Category 1 damage occurs when the water comes from a sanitary or portable source. Normally, such water damages don't have an effect on human health. Category 2 damage is also caused by a supply line break or a pipe break and can cause discomfort or sickness due to water contamination.

On the other hand, category 3 damage is where water from a supply line break or a pipe break is extremely contaminated. Such water can corrode walls, floors, and furniture. This makes emergency water cleanup a necessity.

Building owners should take note of the fact that water in home and water in business damage can quickly escalate if water cleanup is not undertaken urgently. Damage restoration involves a multi-step process, which needs to be conducted by a flood mitigation expert. Flood damage mitigation entails getting rid of excess water from the premises. Here’s what owners need to do to recover their premises after a flooding incident.

1. Contacting Restoration Company

This should be the first thing to do as soon as a pipe break, or a supply line break is noticed in a flooded home or business premises. Whenever this emergency call is made, callers are often asked brief questions pertaining to the type of flood damage. This helps the water cleanup company to effectively and quickly respond to an emergency.

2. Water Damage Assessment

The restoration company often sends experts to inspect the flooded home or business premises. This is done to determine the extent of damage caused by water in home or water in business. It similarly helps them establish the type action required to reverse the damage caused by water in home or water in business premises. It similarly helps them establish whether any safety hazards might hinder the restoration process.

3. Water Cleanup

After the damage caused by water in home or water in business premises is assessed, the restoration company will start the water extraction process. Water removal involves the use of specialized pumps and vacuums. In order to avoid further damage to the premises or even mold growth, owners are advised to ensure that water extraction starts as soon as the flood mitigation experts have assessed the damage.

4. Drying and Dehumidification

This is done after water has been removed from the premises by the restoration company. Special equipment is used in order to dry the premises and discourage mold growth. Drying removes moisture that might have been left during extraction. Dehumidifiers and air movers are used to remove all traces of moisture from the premises. The process may take between two to four days depending on the extent of flood damage and the type of drying equipment used.

5. Cleaning and Sanitization

Restoration goes beyond water removal, and drying since water in business also affects furniture and other possessions. Professional water extraction specialists work with specialized equipment to clean restorable items. These items may also be sanitized using antimicrobial agents to remove odors.

6. Restoration

Once mitigation has been done and the premises restored to their pre-water damaged condition, structural renovations may be undertaken to replace areas damaged by the supply line break or pipe break. The renovations depend on the extent of damage and may include the replacement of dry walls, or rebuilding entire rooms. This restores the premises to their original state besides ensuring the health and safety of occupants.
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Understanding Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

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Understanding Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Experiencing a fire in the home or business can be devastating. Most people think that the most hectic part of fire damage is trying to get everyone out to a safe place. While this may be challenging, the tough part comes when the fire restoration experts have left home or the building affected by a utility room fire. When the fire suppression experts and their fire hose or fire sprinkler system have left, you get to assess the damage which has occurred. If you do not have the right guidelines on how you can restore your home to the state it was in before the electrical fire broke out, you might end up feeling very frustrated. Below are some tips that can help you when it comes to fire damage restoration.

Avoid trying to handle the fire damage or fire suppression from a utility room fire

The first mistake that most of the homeowners after commercial fire damage is seeking to manage the soot damage, smoke damage, water damage from the fire hose, and fire destruction. It is advisable that:

• You avoid trying to wipe off smoke and soot damage from the walls, the floors and any other surfaces affected by fire damage or utility room fire.

• Avoid making use of carpets, curtains and any other of the upholstery because it could be having heavy smoke damage, soot damage, and debris. They could also have moisture from the fire sprinkler system water.

• Avoid using any canned goods that might have been exposed to heat as they could open explosively.

• Wait for someone from the fire restoration company to assess electrical appliances before trying to turn them on, especially if the source of the electrical fire is not known.

Call in fire restoration and fire suppression experts immediately

There is more to commercial fire damage and fire restoration than most people understand. For instance, if the firefighter and his fire truck used a fire sprinkler system or a fire hose in their efforts to do fire suppression, you may have to do water cleanup as part of the damage restoration. It is therefore advisable to call in restoration experts to handle the entire process after the fire hose and fire truck leaves.

The benefits of allowing the experts to handle the restoration after commercial fire damage

The first benefit that comes from hiring the fire suppression professionals is that they will respond as soon as you contact them about an electrical fire or a utility room fire. They get started with the process as soon as the firefighter leaves, thus, you will not have to stay out of the house or commercial building for longer than they have to. The experts also keep you out of harm’s way because as soon as they get to the house, they will install board up and a roof tarp to protect the weak structures from collapsing.Note that the force of the water leaving the fire sprinkler system also weakens some already compromised structures.

The other benefit which comes from contacting the experts for commercial fire damage restoration is that the result of the service will be better than it would have been in the case of doing the restoration yourself.

The restoration process

The first thing the experts do when they get to the site assesses the extent of the electrical fire damage and other damages caused by the firefighter. Before any activity is carried out, they will determine the internal structure of the house to confirm whether it is safe to enter. They will clear any water that could have been used by the firefighter. Board up service is done to support the interior of the house from collapsing, and to protect the structure from outside access.

The next step in the process is cleaning up any smoke damage and soot damage that might have occurred as a result of the fire truck. The cleaning process has to be carried out using the best detergents because smoke stains and smoke damage is not easy to get rid of. After the cleanup has been done, the experts will assess the condition of the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. If there are permanent stains, they will repaint. The walls and the floors will also be assessed, if there are certain structures which have been weakened by the fire, the restoration company will do remodeling. They leave the house when it has been restored to the state it was before the fire trucks. Visit for more for information on fire damage.

What are Some of the Common Causes of a Roof Leak and Roof Damage?

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What are Some of the Common Causes of a Roof Leak and Roof Damage?

Roof damage like a simple roof leak can cause far more damage than most expect. A hole roughly the same size as a quarter creates an opening that lets wild animals slip through and lets enough rain come down that it can mimic the effects of river flooding. While squirrels and other wild animals like birds can cause some roof damage, most leaks relate to some type of storm damage like wind damage and require professional storm remediation.

Wind Damage

A common cause of a roof leak is wind damage. This often goes hand in hand with a hurricane or another type of serious storm. That storm can cause significant hurricane damage because the winds are strong enough to damage any of the tiles or shingles on the roof and harsh enough to actually tear off the roofing materials. When the roof does not have protection from the storm, hail damage or hurricane damage allows the water to constantly flow through the roof and can cause a roof leak to form inside the house that looks just like river flooding does. The right type of roof repair done in combination with some water restoration work like using a flood pump will make the home or structure look like new. Hurricane damage and hail damage in combination with wind damage aren't the only causes of roof damage though.

Ice Damming

Many building owners do not give much thought to the ice damming that they see. They often assume that an ice dam is too small to cause any significant ice damage and that the ice dam is nowhere as serious as something like river flooding. Ice damming can cause damage to the roof and to the gutters as well, which will require some type of floor pump to pump out and remove the flood water that forms around the foundation. A flood pump will also extra the water that comes off a melting ice dam and any ground water that burst out of frozen pipes.

One thing to keep in mind about frozen pipes is that those frozen pipes can cause both interior and exterior damage. After the pipe breaks, it keeps the interior temperature of the building low and allows any flooding experienced to actually freeze to the floor and any other surfaces the flood water touches. Storm restoration professionals know all about home restoration and what methods to use when doing a storm remediation.

Roof Repair Other Problems

Other storm damage problems go along with a roof repair to fix a roof leak and require a flood pump. In the case of ice damage caused by ice damming, the job may require using a pump to remove any flooding caused by flood water that came through that leak. If the storm damage occurred because of a more serious storm, the building may have both flood water as well as dirty ground water inside that will contaminate anything it touches. Some may find that they need a roof repair or a repair they didn't expect because hail damage or wind damage ripped through the roof or because ice damage like an ice dam caused the gutters to split or break.

Storm Restoration for Storm Damage

Storm restoration is a term that includes both home restoration and different types of water restoration work as well as storm remediation. It often relates to river flooding and flooding caused by broken pipes that let flood water and ground water water build up. Flooding can also occur because of leaks in the roof caused by ice damage, hail damage or hurricane damage that lets flood water drip through the ceiling and roof.

Any type of room damage requires fast and immediate help. That storm damage may require water restoration techniques as well as some home restoration methods. Some storms can cause so much damage that it mimics the effects scene after riving flooding pushes ground water across the floor. Storm restoration methods like using a flood pump can help after frozen pipes break, but a trustworthy storm restoration professional will use other water restoration techniques and home restoration methods as part in a solid storm remediation. Visit for more information on storm damage.

Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Downpours.

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From time to time, Mother Nature takes its toll on the Houston area. Hurricanes, torrential downpours, tornadoes, and other significant weather events can cause significant water damage in Baytown and surrounding communities. While it may be tempting to jump start the restoration process, here are 6 risks you must be aware of:

1.      Injury.  Flood waters in our area carry bacteria and significant amounts of debris. Prior to starting the cleanup process, proper protective clothing, eye wear, and a tetanus shot are highly recommended. Exposed skin that comes in contact with flood waters can cause infections and illness. If the electricity has not been turned off by the utilities company, you are at risk of electrocution. In addition, if natural gas has not been turned off, dangerous fumes may be emitting from dryers, kitchen ranges, space heaters and water heaters. Proceed with extreme caution before entering your home.

2.      Wildlife Injuries. Wildlife gets caught up in the flood too, and waters often carry poisonous snakes, insects, and rodents. When the flood waters begin to recede, it is important to do a thorough investigation into closets, corners, behind furniture, duct work, attics, and crawl spaces where wildlife may be hiding. Bites from wild animals can lead to serious injuries.

3.      Asbestos Dangers. Removal of items with asbestos must be removed and disposed of properly. This is not something that should be attempted by homeowners. A professional flood damage restoration team in Baytown and surrounding areas is highly recommended. Asbestos is commonly found in homes with vinyl or linoleum floors and in some pre-1990 homes in drywall, ductwork, and insulation. If you have an older home, proceed with extreme caution.

4.      Bacteria. After a flood, every surface and item in the home must be properly disinfected. As mentioned above, flood waters carry harmful levels of bacteria. Without thorough disinfecting, items in your home may remain hazardous.

5.      Mold. Often, construction after a flood begins too soon. If the humidity levels in the home are not brought down to safe levels, and drywall or other structural elements are not thoroughly dried prior to restoration, mold will develop. The best course of action for mold prevention in Baytown is proper dehumidification with advanced drying equipment.

6.      Severe Stress. Not to be overlooked is the time, money, and stress of attempting water damage restoration yourself. Your locally owned SERVPRO of Baytown has undergone extensive training, and we have the experience, and tools necessary to bring your home back to pre-storm damage condition. We work directly with insurance companies to ease the process, and we stand at the ready to help our neighbors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In Baytown and Channelview, water damage, storm damage, sewage backups, fires, and mold remediation can all be handled by SERVPRO. When disaster strikes, call us immediately. Our process begins the moment you call. Our team will them come and inspect and assess the property for damage, and begin the water removal, and drying and dehumidification process. Then, we move forward with the cleaning and repair, and lastly, we begin the restoration process when appropriate.

About The Baytown/Channelview SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview is Faster to Any Size Disaster, helping residential and commercial property owners when natural disasters, water damage, sewage backups, floods, fires, mold infestations, and other events happen. 

Water Damage Restoration In Baytown Texas

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Water damage in Texas can be difficult to deal with, and there are a number of things that may happen to ensure the house will recover from the terrible loss. This article explains how SERVPRO will come to the house with professional equipment to do the job, and they will render the house completely dry before their work is done.

#1: Water Extraction

Water in home and water in business floods cannot be cleaned until the homeowner has seen all the water removed from the house. There are special industrial extractors that may be used to remove water from the house. The mitigation company will do quite a lot to remove the water, and they will dry out the house using air movement.

#2: Drying Time

The house must be given time to dry. Air movement creates evaporate to remove the water that the extraction could not get to. Building materials can be saturated 100% and only evaporation will remove the water entirely.

#3: The Home Must Be Repaired Properly

Water damage will permeate the entire building, and it will cause problems that are difficult to repair. The carpentry work that is done around the house will return it back its original state, and it will be far easier to look at once it has been repaired. However, some aspects of the home may need to be replaced.

#4: Call Immediately

Call the company for help immediately, and they will send someone to a location that may be anywhere in the area of Baytown and Channelview areas.

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Handling a Fire Loss in Baytown, Texas

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Residents of Baytown TX may require services of a repair and restoration company. The experienced professionals at SERVPRO will ensure smoke removal from walls, ceilings, and contents that have been damaged in a fire. Services such as total cleaning and carpet sanitation are vital to remove soot, odor and any smoke damage. The companies also offer temporary protection during the time of repair and restoration through board-up services.. Carpeting and padding removal is an essential thing when restoring the home to the pre-fire condition.

The experts at SERVPRO have the required equipment to clean even the fabric and deodorize the whole Home. Soot can stain and pit glass making your beautiful home look dingy and ugly. Let the cleaning crews at SERVPRO relive you of the stress of cleaning and sanitizing you home. The professionals are highly trained and will save you time and money and deliver excellent results.

Commercial Storm Damage

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Commercial Storm Damage

A professional restoration company can assist a homeowner with reinstating their house to a better condition after a severe storm or accident has caused major flood damage. Business clients will also receive quality care from this expert when experiencing flood damage. The key to a successful restoration starts with the initial contact to a professional so that all water can be removed. The drying process will need to begin immediately after this step. The expert will give an accurate assessment of the total damage. This worker will also create an effective plan that leads to the best service when providing water damage removal and restoration.

A client will need to salvage any possessions that have not been permanently destroyed in a flooded home. The removal of belongings, whenever possible, will leave more room for trained professionals to accurately assess any water in home or water in business that must be vacuumed out. Some personal items may deteriorate faster if left in a flooded home. Other possessions may need to be thrown away. The homeowner will want to place salvageable items on higher ground, such as a top floor, when possible. Some mitigation techniques will be to permanently place precious assets on higher level floors in a home or business.

Once a water cleanup plan is in place, the expert will remove fluids using modern pumps and vacuums. High powered pumps will take gallons of water in home away from the residence quickly. Likewise, a business client will see results with the water in business being expertly removed from the building. The fast removal of water damage will help to minimize further deterioration to possessions and other fixtures in the home. The right restoration company will have technicians on site quickly to get job started immediately.

A sudden rush of water into a home may be caused by a supply line break or a pipe break. Many homeowners unaware that a supply line break will need to be replaced eventually. These lines are usually attached to items such as, a refrigerator, washer or toilet. When these items are neglected, they can become worn and end up malfunctioning. A home or business will experience flood damage, and the supply line break and pipe break will need to be serviced by an expert to avoid water in home or water in business. Water cleanup can be completed by a professional after a pipe break.

After the water has been removed via high powered pumps, the drying process will begin. The worker utilizes a dehumidifier to draw any remaining moisture from the client's property to fully complete the drying. The remaining water in home or water in business will be taken from floors, walls and other fixtures. This phase will ensure that the flooded home is cleared of any remaining moisture. Technicians from the restoration company are also trained to be careful when using standard drying procedures so that property does not undergo any further damage during the water cleanup.

A homeowner may live in an area that is prone to flood damage from adverse weather conditions. The owner's expectation is for the service company to successfully complete all restoration to the home. A professional can discuss mitigation issues that can help to lower the amount of water that enters a home or business during storms. Other clients may need to have various pipes or a supply line break checked to see if they need to be replaced. The avoidance of a pipe break may be accomplished by replacing worn materials before they burst. A restoration company may also suggest other mitigation actions that may be taken to prevent further damage to a flooded home.

Water cleanup will lead to the restoration of a home or business once the water cleaning and drying phases are complete. Flood mitigation techniques will encompass understanding what risk factors can lead to water damage. The client will want to have their sewer checked regularly to avoid backups or flooding that causes water damage. Other precautionary measures may include installing floor drains on lower levels of a home or business.
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