SERVPRO of Baytown / Channelview Employee Photos

Susan Meacham

Susan Meacham is the Owner/CEO of SERVPRO of Baytown/ Channelview. She is passionate about making sure each and every client is satisfied with our services. 

Allison Bancroft

Allison Bancroft is the Job File Manager for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. She effectively communicates with customers, office workers, production team and insurance personnel. Allison is a mover and shaker at SERVPRO! In addition to overseeing and ensuring the accuracy of all job files, she creates daily crew schedules. Allison’s service allows us to efficiently serve our customers and provide an orderly work schedule for our employees.

Amanda Wilson

Amanda is the Accounting manager for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. Her customer service is impeccable with the clients. Bills are easy to read and timely taking the confusion out of working through an insurance company for payments.

Mel Hernandez

Mel Hernandez serves as the Training Manager for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. He develops, oversees and provides training for all production team members. In addition, he assists the administration and marketing department with their specialized training. Mel not only provides training for various departments, but he monitors the effectiveness of the company trainings as well. Furthermore, he conducts quality assurance tests to ensure the training standards are being fully executed in the field. Mel’s strong organization skills and knowledge allow us to accurately and efficiently provide the best service for all customers.

Kristinia Coronado

Kristinia Coronado is our Business Development Coordinator for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. She prospects all commercial and residential clients. Kristina's goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients to ensure they are always covered during a water, mold or fire crisis. She prioritizes informing the customer of our immediate response time and our 24- hour service. In addition, she communicates with homeowners, business owners and facility managers to ensure they are fully informed of our wide range of services and know our contact information if a problem arises. Kristina’s outreach efforts allows us to reach more individuals in their time of need.

Khadija Zaheer

Khadija Zaheer serves as our marketing coordinator for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. She plans and executes all of our marketing events. Additionally, she handles the paperwork and documentation for all procurement and government contract opportunities. She is also a vital member of the community because of her outreach efforts. Khadija attends many community events where she builds relationships and assures the community SERVPRO is always there during their time of need.Khadija’s outreach efforts builds trust within the community and allows us to serve individuals more efficiently because of the direct communication we have.

Jean Foty

Jean Foty is our Business Development Executive for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. She has been in the industry for the past 18 years and is passionate about taking care of her customers during a fire, water or natural disaster crisis. Jean is available 24/7 for all her commercial and residential clients. Her knowledge and expertise is highly respected through her sales and marketing efforts. Jean is constantly helping us reach more people by continuously building long lasting relationships within our industry.

Michael Vela

Michael Vela serves as our Water Production Manager for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. He is responsible for managing the production team and all water jobs. Michael’s everyday responsibilities consist of assigning and coordinating all water jobs to the production team members, as well as completing all job files. He works closely with the production by fully supervising and monitoring the jobs from start to finish and providing job estimates. In addition, Michael also communicates with customers, ensuring all the customer needs have been fully met. Michael’s position is vital and a huge reason we are able to provide excellent service to our customers.

Charity Pursifull

Charity Pursifull serves as our Fire/ Contents Production Manager for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. Her everyday duties consist of consulting with homeowners and adjusters after a customer experiences fire damage. After a fire strikes a home, Charity fully scopes the client’s property and produces estimates for packouts and cleaning services.In addition, she manages the client’s salvageable and non salvageable inventory items. Lastly, she manages the production team to ensure every job is efficiently and accurately complete. Charity’s hard work allows us to remain a trusted leader in the restoration industry.

Jon Gregoire

Jon Gregoire is our Mold Production Manager for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. He manages the production team and jobs to assure they are efficient and meet SERVPRO standards. In addition to coordinating jobs for team members, Jon supervises production and monitors all jobs from beginning to end. Furthermore, he provides and communicates clear and accurate pretesting, scoping of services and job estimates. Lastly, he builds long lasting relationships with commercial, insurance and residential clients. Jon’s supervising and outreach allows us to perform excellent service and reach more people.

Melissa Jebril

Melissa Jebril is the Director of Digital and Field Marketing for SERVPRO of Baytown/Channelview. She is responsible for developing new business leads with online strategies that convert to in person meetings. Additionally, she drives sales by promoting brand awareness in traditional marketing methods and new digital methods. Furthermore, she maintains the department budget and designs the full marketing plan for all commercial sales. Melissa’s marketing skills allow us to reach more people during a fire, water or mold crisis.