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Flameless Candle Alternatives

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Candle lit up Candle warmers use the heat from lamps to heat jar candles

Benefits Of Using Candle Alternatives

Candles are a welcome sight and scent in many homes. Unfortunately, they pose a risk if left unattended or if accidentally knocked over. Consider the benefits of using candle alternatives in your home in Highlands, TX, when choosing your decorative accents.

1. They Can Be Left Unattended
Flameless candles can be used in areas of your home that you don't spend a lot of time in. If you'd like to keep your entryway or bathroom smelling fresh and inviting, battery-operated candles are a wonderful option. They can be left unattended for long periods of time without concern about catching anything on fire or causing damage. Fire damage can be time-consuming to correct. Fortunately, fire damage restoration specialists exist to help when needed.

2. Some Look Like Candles
If it's the look of a gentle flame that attracts you, many candle alternatives are designed to resemble traditional candles. Luminaries with flickering bases and plastic candles with flickering plastic wicks give the illusion of a burning candle without the risk of a candle fire. Batteries control a hidden light and the motion of the flicker. These faux candles are safe to turn on and forget. Several of them shut off automatically after a preset amount of time so as not to waste the battery.

3. They Smell Amazing
The incredible smell of candles can still be obtained without the risk of fire damage. There are candle warmers that use the heat from lamps to heat jar candles. The wax is heated, and the scent is released without needing to light a wick. Electric and battery-operated wax melters are an additional option to heat different scents of wax melts to release their fragrance without using flame.
A beautiful home accent can quickly become a hazard if something unexpectedly catches fire. Candle alternatives can brighten and elevate the sense of coziness in your home while lowering the risk of fire.

What Tenants Should Know About Insurance and Flooding

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. You may need to purchase other types of insurance as part of an overall full protection approach

When you’re renting an office, warehouse, or other commercial space, usually the property owner is responsible for making sure there’s insurance coverage for the structure. As the tenant, you are responsible for the contents of the space(s) that you’re renting. A commercial or business renter's insurance policy usually covers damages or losses due to fire, vandalism, theft, and other risks.
If you’re renting in Cloverleaf, TX, your existing rental coverage may be sufficient for those risks, but what about flood damage? In a residential scenario, property, renter’s, and flood insurance are three very different things. What insurance coverage does a commercial occupant need?

Understanding the Difference Types of Insurance

When you’re a commercial tenant, the subject of damage protection can be significantly more complicated, especially when you’re seeking complete coverage:

Business renter’s insurance covers losses of your items due to several kinds of risks, but your policy may not include flood damage.
Flood insurance protects you from losses due to flooding; property owners and renters in areas that are prone to flooding may be required to purchase this coverage.
Business liability insurance protects a landlord from damages that come as a result of a tenant’s actions, and is often required to lease; if a renter causes an issue, this policy would help cover injuries and property damages that result.

As a business occupant, it’s important to check your policies to make sure you’re fully covered before an incident occurs.

Making Sure You’re Covered
As a commercial lessee, you need some type of renter’s insurance, but other types of insurance coverage may be necessary depending on the terms of your lease as well as your location.
Examine your policy to see if you need additional protection for flood damage. If you ever experience flooding, you’ll rest assured knowing that you’re covered for damages as well as professional water damage restoration. You may need to purchase other types of insurance as part of an overall full protection approach.

Roof Leaks and Mold Growth

8/15/2020 (Permalink)

Hand pointing at ceiling that has black mold growth Mold growth on ceiling due to roof leak in a Baytown, TX building

Although a roof leak at your Baytown, TX, business is annoying in itself, any associated mold growth can mean even bigger trouble. Black mold may be the most infamous variety, but all mold species can cause serious damage, so it is important to address the problem as soon as possible.

Causes of Roof Leaks

There are many possible causes for a roof leak. The following are some of the most common:

  • Improper roof installation
  • Storm damage

Normal wear and tear

Roofs that were not installed correctly may leak even when they are brand new. They may also be more prone to storm damage and wear out quickly. However, even correctly installed high-quality roofs are susceptible to damage and eventually deteriorate.

What To Do If You Have a Leak
Black mold and other varieties of fungal growth can result from water left standing for more than 24 hours. Therefore, the two main goals in preventing damage are drying up the water and repairing the ceiling leak as quickly as possible. Fortunately, most roof leaks do not result in huge amounts of water inundating a building. Dry up any water that has already made its way into the structure. Then situate a bucket so that it can catch the rest of the water as it comes in. Place a towel under the bucket to absorb any water that splashes out. If you have extensive water damage from the leak, you may need to hire a professional to dry out the affected area. After the rain has stopped, you can either call a roofing contractor or go up on the roof yourself to repair the leak.
If your business has black mold, water damage or other issues resulting from a roof leak, a professional restoration service can help restore the building. They have the experience and equipment to address the problem in a timely and safe manner.

3 Steps to Take While Waiting for Water Damage Repairs

8/15/2020 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed on a hallway Water damage cleanup services in Channelview, TX

Three Damage Tips That Can Ensure A Smoother Process

If a pipe burst happens, your Channelview, TX, business is likely flooded with unwanted water. Knowing how important correcting the situation is to salvage items and getting operations back to normal, your first response was to call your insurer and a water damage and restoration expert that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. While help is on the way, you are still faced with a big, devastating mess. Although the cleanup is best left to the experts, below are three damage tips that can ensure a smoother process.

1. Safety First
While damage tips are important, the safety of everyone around, including yourself, should always be the first consideration. Along with the potential for slips and falls, there could be lurking electrical hazards. If it the situation allows, shut off the main water supply and electricity to any flooded areas. Be sure to not walk through water to get to the breaker.

2. Dry It Out
The sooner a flooded area is dried, the less chance of severe damage. Once you determine the situation is safe, begin removing excess water with a mop or wet-vac. If possible, create a barrier from the water entering other areas. Turn on fans, dehumidifiers and open windows if humidity levels are at an acceptable percentage. Cleaning tips also include removing saturated items and storing them in a safe, dry location. Any rugs, fabrics or clothing should be hung up to dry.

3. Document Damage
Any steps that you take need to be documented, as well as all damaged items. During the water cleanup process, take pictures of damaged furniture, equipment, carpeting, floors, walls and any item that has come into contact with water. This will help the adjuster and restoration expert better gauge the damage.
Damage tips after some sort of flooding need to be carefully considered. While you may want to jump in, it is important that you work closely with your insurer to ensure proper protocols are met. Staying safe, eliminating standing water and beginning the dry-out process are three easy ways to get the ball rolling until helps arrives.

Cleaning Up After a Storm Should Be a High Priority

8/4/2020 (Permalink)

Floodwaters in the entrance of a home Flood damage in a Liberty, TX home

For the best results and the lowest costs, some things should be done right away. If you have a serious illness, it is normally better to seek medical help right away. This is also true when it comes to dealing with the damage to your home in Liberty, TX, caused by a big storm. While flood insurance will help you pay for damages and cleanup, it may be up to you to get the ball rolling. One of your first steps should be to call in a reputable storm remediation company. Trained technicians that operate on the principle of Faster to Any Size Disaster will arrive to your home in a matter of hours.

Why Speed Matters

A quick response and fast cleanup prevent further flood damage to your home. The longer unwanted water and moisture is allowed to remain in a home, the more harm it causes. Here are a few problems that can worsen over time:

  • Mold growth and mold damage
  • Corrosion of materials
  • Breakdown of wood
  • Odor problems
  • Electrical damage
  • Contamination

Dirty water in your home creates an unhealthy environment for humans and pets. It's best to get it out as quickly as possible. As the home is being restored, the work should be documented for your flood insurance company.

How Experience Helps
A professional team will quickly perform an assessment and inspection of your property. This will lead certified technicians to tackle the work in a logical order. They will remove contaminated water from the property as quickly as possible. The next step will be to continue with the drying process to bring the moisture level back to where it should be. The nature of the damage to the home will determine the additional steps. An experienced storm mitigation company will treat each situation as unique while following a proven process to restore your home to its original condition. An experienced team will also help you coordinate your flood insurance claim.

Interesting Facts About Mold

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall with black mold growth. Words MOLD FACT on picture Mold typically begins to grow within 24-48 hours with moisture present

While mold can be one of a homeowners worst nightmares, the organism itself is plenty interesting. For example, most people probably do not know that mold belongs to neither the plant nor the animal kingdom. It belongs to the kingdom of Fungi. Mold does not make its own food as plants do, nor does it really eat its food. It gets its sustenance by absorbing nutrients by breaking down substances such as wood and cellulose and other materials. Mold growth occurs best in warm, damp conditions, which unfortunately can be common in homes that have rooms with high humidity.

The Key To Controlling Mold Growth

Technicians employed by a professional mold remediation franchise study mold to better understand its traits. Knowledge is power. The more that is known about mold the easier it is to control in Galena Park, TX. Here are some facts about mold that aid technicians during mold mitigation:

  • Mold is present just about everywhere
  • It spreads by microscopic spores
  • It can move around on air currents
  • It can live on a variety of surfaces
  • It can grow into colonies in as little as 48 to 72 hours

These facts allow certified technicians to follow a proven process to remove troublesome mold from a home. They know that taking care of a moisture problem is one of the first steps for eradicating mold from a building.

The Steps for Mold Cleanup
Since mold growth happens in damp areas, mold cleanup often involves dealing with water damage. A team of workers will conduct an inspection and assessment of an infested property. Often testing for mold is part of this process. Mold containment includes making sure mold spores do not colonize new areas of the property. Mold removal includes killing the actively growing mold and then scrubbing the areas clean with effective disinfectants. The final stages include restoring damaged materials and rebuilding rooms with structural damage.

How Fire and Smoke Can Damage Expensive Electronics

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

Computer laptop sleeve is on fire. SERVPRO can clean electronics after a fire.

How Fire and Smoke Can Damage Expensive Electronics

Smoke and flames can come from many sources. In an office environment, improperly stored or maintained electronics can result in an electrical fire that spreads and damages valuable computers and hardware. Conventional fires can also create smoke and fire that damage electronics, requiring extensive restoration. While covered electronics may seem immune to the effects of smoke and soot, there are several reasons that this is not the case.

1. Excessive Insulation
When electronics are exposed to a large enough volume of smoke, they become coated in a black film. This film insulates important components, causing them to overheat and expire.

2. Soot Corrosion
Removing smoke damage from surfaces such as walls or windows as early as possible is important because soot is highly acidic. The same goes for your electronics.

3. Magnetism
Although the magnetic charge carried by smoke is very slight, it can still short circuits in computer electronics or appliances. Magnetism caused by smoke is unlikely to stop functioning completely, but it can shorten the life of many devices.
Computer cleanup after a fire requires a thorough understanding of both appropriate disassembly practices and buildup removal. When attempting a cleanup, all electronics should be turned off and unplugged to avoid short-circuiting or further electrical fire. All components that contain memory, such as hard drives should be removed. Transfer important data to an undamaged computer at your earliest convenience, in order to ensure that your data is not lost, should the restoration process fail to revive the host device.
If you are unsure whether you can successfully restore your businesses' devices on your own, you should not hesitate to contact a qualified electronics technician. Repairing electronics after your Pasadena, TX  electrical fire can be the difference between getting back to work and having to buy a whole new set of equipment. These days, office computers do a lot more than hold memos and payroll records. Make sure yours are restored correctly.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Clean Your Electronics After a Fire

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

You don’t like to dwell on it or think about it, but the possibility of dealing with a house fire is a reality. This is why you have insurance and put in place as many safeguards as you can to avoid this tragedy. Still, if the unthinkable does happen, you want to trust your fire cleanup to a trained expert who knows who to preserve or restore your home and belongings. The best professionals can even clean up your electronics.

They Handle Most Electronics

In the most severe fires, you might not have much luck salvaging items in your Channelview,TX, home. However, if your fortunate, the best companies have the means to repair most electronic devices that have suffered smoke damage. Some of these devices may include:

  • Computers, including laptops and desktops
  • Stereo equipment
  • Televisions
  • Printers
  • Smartphones

They Have the Expertise

If you notice during the fire cleanup process that some of your electronic devices fell victim to smoke, you shouldn’t take on the responsibility to clean it up yourself. An experienced technician will use tried and true methods to safely inspect and restore your device. If you’re not careful, you could not only cause more damage to the equipment, but you could harm yourself as well. The professionals employ dependable techniques that will preserve the items without compromising it or anyone in your home.

They Use the Right Tools

One should only use the most specialized equipment available to clean up electronics. Fortunately, a dependable professional will come to your home with advanced tools and methods. The technician will act promptly. Your best course of action is to back up the memory of computers and to unplug all electronics.

There’s cause for concern during a fire and fire cleanup. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing a professional will treat your electronic items with care and may be able to salvage these important items.

What to Expect During Fire Cleanup

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

House on fire Fire damage in Lynchburg, TX

What to Expect During Fire Cleanup

A fire in your Lynchburg, TX, home creates more issues than just the visible char of soot damage to your belongings and the structure itself. Along with smoke damage, there is likely water damage from extinguishing the flames. Although the situation can be overwhelming, a certified fire and smoke restoration professional will have the tools and know-how to get your home back to new. Below are the six main steps to expect.

1. Assessment
Even after the fire is out, your home should still be considered in a state of emergency. Quick action is vital for the protection of your home. An expert will walk through the property to assess visible and hidden damage that needs to be restored.

2. Protection
Any structural components compromised by the fire take the top priority to ensure the damage doesn’t spread or create new damage. Unsafe areas will be blocked off. Damaged roofs or windows will be temporarily boarded up.

3. Water Removal
If water is still present, air movers and dehumidifiers will be used to dry the home out. This helps reduce the chances of mold growth or wood rotting.

4. Soot and Smoke Removal
Using advanced equipment, soot and smoke damage will be removed from surfaces within the home. Along with walls and ceilings, it includes salvageable items, such as furniture.

5. Cleaning and Sanitizing
A professional has an arsenal of cleaning methods for sanitizing and smoke cleaning your belongings. Any items that aren’t salvageable will be removed. Some items may need to be taken to another location for full restoration work. in the fire, as well as hauling away unsalvageable materials and preparing the location for full-on restoration work.

6. Restoration
With a fresh slate, the experts will begin restoring your home back to its pre-fire glory.
Once the cleaning is finished, it’s time to start the damage reversal process. Along with being damage experts, they are also restoration experts who can install carpet, replace walls, and perform other repairs.
Even a small fire can result in extensive smoke damage. To get your home back to normal, call the experts who are Faster to Any Size Disaster.

5 Things an Electronic Inventory System Can Keep Track Of

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Electronic inventory system SERVPRO offers an electronic inventory system which can keep track of a number of important forms of information

5 Things an Electronic Inventory System Can Keep Track Of

When it comes time to make an insurance claim after a disaster at your Mcnair, TX, business, there are a few ways your SERVPRO restoration team can help. They offer an electronic inventory system which can keep track of a number of important forms of information. These include

1. Photographs

In many cases, the team may take photographs of the damaged area and affected items before they begin repairs. These can be stored in the inventory system so that they can be referenced when needed.

2. Damage Assessment

The initial damage assessment can tell your agent a lot about how different parts of the business were affected. Having them in the database means your agent can reference this information easily whenever needed.

3. Itemized Lists

Another thing that may need to be included in the Insurance claim is an itemized list of damages. As the restoration professionals go through the damage assessment process they can create these lists and store them in the system. This will create an inventory of damages for your agent to reference when needed.

4. Cost Estimates

Your insurance agent may need to see the cost estimates for the repairs as they work on your claim. In many cases, these too can be included in the information database set up by your SERVPRO team.

5. Progress Updates

Your restoration team can make regular progress reports as they complete repairs. These can also be stored in the database so that you and your agent know exactly where the team is on the repair schedule.

The electronic inventory systems provided by your local SERVPRO may be able to help your agent with the insurance claim in a number of ways. It can keep track of photographs, the damage assessment documentation, intimated lists of needed repairs, and damaged items, as well as cost estimates and progress updates. If you have any questions a professional can help.