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5 Things You Need to Know About Water Damage

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

water and sand on floor Water damage in Channelview, TX

Study The Following Tips Regarding Residential Water Damage

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you're prepared to protect your Channelview, TX, home from peril. Water damage can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, whether it's from excessive rainfall, a pipe burst or toilet overflow. Arm yourself with knowledge and study the following tips regarding residential water damage.

1. Call Your Insurance Company Immediately.
If you discover flooding or another type of water damage, you need to contact your insurance company immediately. Your insurance agent can file a claim much more quickly, as well as walk you through the initial damage remediation steps.

2. There's No Time to Waste.
Remediating water damage is all about efficiency. Once the initial accident occurs, it's a race against the clock to see how quickly you can resolve the situation. Secondary damage, such as mold growth, only requires 24 hours to set in.

3. Flood Water Comes in 3 Different Categories.
Flood water is categorized based upon the types of contaminants present. Category 3, also known as black water, poses a significant health hazard and must be handled much more carefully than Category 1, which originates from your water line. Black water floods are also capable of inflicting significantly more damage.

4. Flood Damage and Water Damage Are Not the Same.
Your insurance company treats each disaster differently, depending on the source of the damage. Damage caused by a pipe burst, or other internal accident, is considered water damage. Damage that resulted from a nearby body of water that overflowed onto your property is considered flood damage.

5. Flood Damage is Not Covered by Homeowner's Insurance.
If you live in an area that is more susceptible to flooding, then it's a good idea to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. You also should sit down with your insurance agent to discuss exactly which scenarios your current homeowner's insurance policy actually does cover.
There are steps you can take to help deter water damage, but there's no way to guarantee absolute immunity. If your property has recently suffered a pipe burst, severe flood or other type of water damage, make sure to contact storm remediation experts as soon as possible.

Finding the Best Air Purifier to Reduce Mold Spores

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Air purifier machine in a house An air purifier can be purchased with a number of features

The spores that produce mold are present in every room of your home, but most aren’t cause for alarm. When water enters the equation, mold begins to grow at an alarming rate. Air filtration systems can keep the spore count under control in these situations to reduce the risk of mold growth.

What Features Should You Choose When Selecting an Air Filter?

An air purifier can be purchased with a number of features. Many are aimed at convenience and comfort, including:

Remote controls - People with limited mobility will especially appreciate this feature.
Programmable timers - This option is great for the person on the go.
Fan speed - The speed you choose depends on the size of the room.
Filter change reminder - For those who need reminders, this is a smart option when choosing an air filtration system.
Wheels for mobility - If you want to be able to move the unit from room to room, this feature is helpful.
Air quality sensors - It may give your peace of mind to be able to monitor the air quality in your home.

Which Filtration System Is Best at Removing Mold Spores?
High efficiency particulate air filters are the best at removing your home's mold spores in Cloverleaf, TX. HEPA filters trap airborne particles and remove them from the air. It's critical to select a filter made to the HEPA standard, however. May filters use the HEPA term by claiming to be a high efficiency filter, but they may not be made to the HEPA standard. A true HEPA standard filter collects 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This information should be clearly marked on the packaging.
If you are concerned about mold growth in your home, contact a mold remediation specialist right away.
When buying an air filtration system, there are many options from which to choose. Just make sure you select a HEPA standard unit to keep mold at bay.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Building's Exterior

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

City landscaper man gardener cutting grass around planted flowers with string lawn trimmer Exterior maintenance is one of the key ways that you can prevent storm damage to your building

Prevent Storm Damage To Your Building

Storm season is approaching in Baytown, TX, so now is the time to think about maintaining the exterior of your office building. Your landscape and pick up litter but how often do you have your building inspected by a professional? If you can't remember the last time, it's important to do it now. Exterior maintenance is one of the key ways that you can prevent storm damage to your building.

1. Examine the Walls
Keep an eye out for some seemingly less obvious concerns. Say there's a drafty room inside. Where is the air coming from? There's sometimes a little leak in the basement after a hard rain. How is the water getting in? Ordering a building inspection to be done by a professional will go a long way in preventing small problems from becoming big ones.

2. Pay Attention to Problem Areas
You know that there are a few cracked spots in the bricks or that there are some small holes in the cladding. If you've been ignoring the problems you can see, imagine what's going on underneath. Keeping your building maintained isn't just for looks. Those problems that you can see might indicate other issues. By repairing the problems as they appear, you can keep your to-do list short and your costs low.

3. Take a Closer Look at Vulnerable Spots
Weather stripping, windows, and insulation degrade more quickly than other aspects of your building's exterior. Even if your windows were recently installed, keep a close eye on them to make sure that they seal and latch properly. Completing this exterior maintenance task can also keep your heating and cooling costs down.

When Restoration is Needed
Sometimes you discover larger issues, or storm damage causes new ones. A commercial restoration company can help you assess and repair the damage quickly and efficiently.
Regular exterior maintenance not only keeps your company looking good, but it can prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

Understanding Your Commercial Property Policy

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial Insurance Your commercial insurance policies are designed to protect you financially if you experience some type of loss

Every business owner knows that it's important to have a basic business owners package when purchasing commercial insurance. One of the items included in your BOP is the property policy. Here are the answers to two common questions business owners in Galena Park, TX, have about commercial property coverage.

What Does a Commercial Property Policy Cover?

Property insurance is designed to compensate for losses from fire, theft and certain natural disasters. Most property policies cover damage to the structure itself as well as other features of the property:

  • Office equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Important documents
  • Inventory
  • Signs
  • Fences and gates

Most commercial insurance policies cover the cost of the work done by certified restoration specialists to repair your building and restore the items that have fire damage in it. If the materials and items are a total loss, your coverage may also pay for their replacements.

How Much Does a Commercial Property Policy Cost?
Your provider may have a base rate for property coverage, but there are several factors that can cause the cost of your premiums to fluctuate. Your overall fire protection is one such factor. Some cities have better fire protocols than others, and it's generally less expensive to insure commercial property in those cities, particularly if your building is located close to the fire department. If your building is constructed of fire resistant materials or you have a superior fire suppression system installed, this can also lower your costs. Finally, the type of business you own plays a role in how much your premiums are likely to be. A restaurant, for example, inherently has more fire hazards than the typical office setting, so it may cost more to insure.
Your commercial insurance policies are designed to protect you financially if you experience some type of loss. Good property coverage allows you to repair damage to your building and surrounding structures without having to pay a lot out of pocket at the time of the event.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

Water on floor on a commercial property Water damage in Liberty, TX

The Following Steps Outline The Basic Cleanup Procedures

If your Liberty, TX, business experiences water damage, you may feel overwhelmed by all that must be done. However, understanding the restoration process can help you feel more confident.  

1. Address the water source. Whether you are dealing with broken pipes, a leaky roof or any other source of water, it is important to stop the incoming water first. In some cases, it may be necessary to turn the water off before repairing the problem.

2. Dry the area. Because mold can begin to grow within 24 hours, it is very important to dry up the water as soon as possible. In some cases, it may be possible to just mop up the water. More serious cases may require pumps, vacuums and dehumidifiers. If the humidity outside is low enough, you can also open windows and doors to increase air flow.

3. Remove everything that cannot be salvaged. Unfortunately, some items cannot be restored after suffering water damage. Swollen cabinets, wet insulation and swollen subfloors all should be taken out. Wet carpet and drywall should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Generally, if they were affected by clean water, they may be salvageable. If they were affected by contaminated water, they should be replaced. A professional restoration company can determine what can be repaired and what should be thrown out.

4. Clean and sanitize affected items. There are a variety of cleaners on the market today. The source of the water and the items being cleaned will determine the cleaner you should use. You will likely need multiple cleaning products during the course of the water cleanup.

5. Repair and replace damaged materials. When everything is clean and dry, you can begin repairing damaged items. Many business owners can perform basic repairs. However, some items, including electronics, may need specialized attention.
While it is important to act quickly and prevent further damage, it is also important to carefully consider each step of the cleanup process. Understanding the basic water damage restoration process can help business owners assess their unique situation.

How to Fix Sewage Backup in Your Bathtub

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

Severe flood in the bathroom. Water on the bathroom floor Sewer backup in Pasadena, TX

What Type Of Water Damage Are You Dealing With And How To Clean It

Confronting water damage to residential properties in Pasadena, TX, can be a daunting and dangerous proposition. Professionals from a flood restoration company categorize the type of water they are dealing with to understand how to clean it up. These experts place the aftermath of flooding into one of three categories:

1. Clean Water
This refers to water that is not currently dangerous to residents. It could have been discharged from a plumbing fixture like a sink, washing machine or bath or direct from a broken pipe or water main. Professionals can remove clean water by pumping it out and using equipment like a dehumidifier to dry out the area.
While this type of water damage is the easiest to repair, it is still best to let a restoration company handle it. If clean water sits for more than two days, it turns into grey water.

2. Grey Water
Grey water has absorbed some contaminants from the surrounding environment. For example, water from an aquarium could have bacteria in it. A toilet can introduce urine or cleaning products into a pooling area. As with clean water, if greywater is not removed within two days, it can become more hazardous.

3. Black Water
This kind of water is commonly found in high floodwaters and may be severely contaminated by pathogens and/or toxic chemicals. It often contains sewage as well as chemical run-off from lawns and factories. Anything damaged by this sort of flooding, including both belongings and house structures such as drywall, may need to be removed and destroyed by professionals. When specialists come to repair this type of damage, they need to wear special protective equipment.
Restoration companies work following rigorous professional standards when they survey and rehabilitate residential properties. Placing floodwater into one of the three categories above is the first step in restoring a home with water damage.

Preventing Secondary Damage

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on drywall Mold growth due to water damage in Mcnair, TX

It's important to act quickly if your home in Mcnair, TX, has been affected by water damage. Failing to properly remediate water damage in a timely manner can result in various different kinds of subsequent issues, such as black mold, warped flooring and other types of structural problems.

What is Secondary Damage?

It's not uncommon for small floods or leaks to go unnoticed for long periods of time, and subsequent damage can occur days, weeks or even months following the initial incident. Some common examples of the damage that can follow include:

  • Black mold growth
  • Cracking plaster and sheetrock
  • Warped walls, floors and ceilings
  • Water stains

Standing water eventually evaporates on its own if the damage isn't properly addressed in a timely manner. Eventually, the air becomes saturated with moisture from the standing water, resulting in dangerously high humidity levels. Once the air becomes oversaturated, the moisture is driven into the drywall, ceiling tiles, furniture and other places in your home.

How Can You Prevent Secondary Damage?
The key to preventing subsequent moisture damage is catching and reacting to the initial flood as quickly as possible. The following strategies can also help you reduce your chances of experiencing moisture damage:

  • Mop up any standing puddles.
  • Ventilate wet areas by opening windows, using floor fans or the AC unit.
  • Open furniture drawers to allow them to air out.
  • Move electronic devices and sentimental possessions to dry, elevated areas.
  • Hang blankets, furniture skirts and curtains up to dry.
  • Elevate furniture on aluminum foil to prevent stains.

Because water damage can go unnoticed for long periods of time, it's important that you also perform regular home inspections to check for signs of leaks or flooding.
Reacting to accidents in a timely manner is the best way to prevent secondary damage, such as black mold, cracked plaster, warped flooring, and much more. If your residential property has recently experienced any type of water damage, it's vital that you contact flood remediation experts as soon as you can.

Understanding and Preventing Bread Mold

9/28/2020 (Permalink)

mold on bread loaf Mold on bread loaf

You've probably opened a loaf of bread only to be disappointed and alarmed to see it covered in fuzzy mold. Finding this fungus in the kitchen is normal, but understanding how fungus growth occurs in Lynchburg, TX, is key to preventing it.

How Mold Occurs

There are mold spores floating through the air everywhere around you, looking for a place to land. Many of them land on inhospitable environments, but some land on a location with characteristics ideal for their growth:

  • Warmth
  • Moisture
  • Plenty of food

Bread mold occurs when these spores take up residence on your loaf of bread, which is full of moisture and food for the fungus, and is often kept in a nice, warm pantry. They spread very quickly, which is why you can find mold-covered bread just the day after it seemed perfectly fine.

How To Prevent It
While it's nearly impossible to totally prevent fungus growth on your food, you can do some things to slow it down before it overtakes it. Keeping items in the refrigerator will help slow mold because the spores don't thrive in cold environments. They can still grow though, which is why you find fridge mold as well. Double your efforts by keeping items in sealed containers both in your refrigerator and pantry, and cut down on the amount of time they're sitting in the open. This will help reduce the number of spores landing on your food. If you do find mold on your food, clean the area where it was sitting and check surrounding items, as the mold might have spread to them as well. Dispose of the moldy item in a sealed bag so that the spores don't spread further.
While bread mold is inevitable, you can slow its spread by taking precautions like sealing your food, keeping it covered as much as possible, and thoroughly cleaning the area where moldy food was stored to prevent it from spreading. If you start finding mold on your walls and in your cabinets, though, it might be time to call mold cleanup professionals, as this can be indicative of a larger problem.

Reasons To Have Security Fencing After a Fire

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Security fencing after a fire in Baytown, TX

Protect Your Property From Additional Harm

When your business in Baytown, TX, catches fire, the checklist for getting things back to normal is long. You must contact mitigation experts and the insurance company, and then you have to figure out how to keep your business afloat while the necessary repairs are being made. A security fence lets you take some of the worry off your plate during this arduous process. It protects your property and proves that you are taking the necessary steps to do so.


In addition to boarding up broken windows and placing a tarp over holes in the roof, you need something to secure the perimeter of the area. The main reason to have security fencing around your property after a fire is a protection. You may wonder what is left to protect after a fire has ravaged your building, but there are many things that a fence can help deter:

  • Stray animals wandering onto the property
  • Vandalism
  • Theft of items inside

A security fence increases the chances that unwanted visitors stay out and that all the damaged property inside stays inside. Neglecting security measures such as this could add more loss to an already unfortunate situation. Security experts can advise on where fencing should go or how much is necessary.


In order to get a fair settlement with your insurance company, you need to prove that you are doing everything you can to stay on top of the mitigation process and keep it on schedule. Fencing around your property is an expected part of this process. If the insurance adjuster shows up and your building looks like you left it vulnerable to more damage or theft, you are unlikely to get as large a settlement as you need to restore the building to its former state.

When you have experienced a fire on your commercial property in Baytown, TX, it is important to protect your property from additional harm and the hasty judgment of a shrewd adjuster. A security fence helps in both respects.

Flameless Candle Alternatives

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Candle lit up Candle warmers use the heat from lamps to heat jar candles

Benefits Of Using Candle Alternatives

Candles are a welcome sight and scent in many homes. Unfortunately, they pose a risk if left unattended or if accidentally knocked over. Consider the benefits of using candle alternatives in your home in Highlands, TX, when choosing your decorative accents.

1. They Can Be Left Unattended
Flameless candles can be used in areas of your home that you don't spend a lot of time in. If you'd like to keep your entryway or bathroom smelling fresh and inviting, battery-operated candles are a wonderful option. They can be left unattended for long periods of time without concern about catching anything on fire or causing damage. Fire damage can be time-consuming to correct. Fortunately, fire damage restoration specialists exist to help when needed.

2. Some Look Like Candles
If it's the look of a gentle flame that attracts you, many candle alternatives are designed to resemble traditional candles. Luminaries with flickering bases and plastic candles with flickering plastic wicks give the illusion of a burning candle without the risk of a candle fire. Batteries control a hidden light and the motion of the flicker. These faux candles are safe to turn on and forget. Several of them shut off automatically after a preset amount of time so as not to waste the battery.

3. They Smell Amazing
The incredible smell of candles can still be obtained without the risk of fire damage. There are candle warmers that use the heat from lamps to heat jar candles. The wax is heated, and the scent is released without needing to light a wick. Electric and battery-operated wax melters are an additional option to heat different scents of wax melts to release their fragrance without using flame.
A beautiful home accent can quickly become a hazard if something unexpectedly catches fire. Candle alternatives can brighten and elevate the sense of coziness in your home while lowering the risk of fire.