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5 Ways To Clear Your Home of Smoke Odors

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Ozone generator Using ozone for home deodorization.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Smoke Odors in Your Home

Walking into a house and getting hit with the strong scent of smoke within its walls can be off-putting. Stripping the home of cigarette smoke odor is possible with these home deodorization techniques used by cleaning and restoration specialists.

1. Cleaning Impacted Surfaces
Proper disinfecting will help strip much of the smoke residue off of items in the home, including the walls, carpet, and furniture. Even a few small particles that remain on surfaces will continue to produce odor, so thoroughly sanitizing a space is crucial.

2. Utilizing Pairing Agents
A pairing agent combines with the odor particle in two ways. It may either track airborne particles onto a surface to then be cleaned, or it will chemically alter the particle to destroy its odor-inducing properties.

3. Using Ozone for Home Deodorization 
An effective way to remove smoke odors is with the oxidation process. This technique combines oxygen with an odor-causing substance to destroy it. Oxidation may be achieved with the use of an ozone or hydroxyl generator to pump in the gas.

4. Filtering and Purifying the Air
A filtration agent may be used to capture odor particles and filter the odor gas itself. There is versatility in this method, as filtration agents can be used for either absorption or adsorption of the odor. An air purifier can also be helpful in freeing spaces in your home from lingering smoke odor.

5. Combining Methods
Depending on the severity of odor buildup within your home, cleaning professionals may use any combination of the previously mentioned methods. This can allow for the most effective removal of the smoke odor.
Your Pasadena, TX, home can be cleansed of any cigarette odors with a thorough home deodorization process. This can consist of cleaning impacted surfaces, using pairing or filtration agents and pumping ozone into the house for odor oxidation.

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