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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

If you are looking for a company that is honest, fair, and delivers on what they promise than I would use SERVPRO of Baytown.

You can trust the staff to be informative, trustworthy and compassionate. I would recommend them to anyone, Great job SERVPRO!

I have never met such well-informed technicians. Any questions I had they answered them thoroughly. The process went smoothly because I understood what was going on every step of the way!

I have had great restoration work done before but what made SERVPRO stand out was the fantastic customer service! Everyone from the technicians to the administrators were kind, friendly and compassionate. I will use them again!

Unfortunately, my fireplace caused an awful fire throughout my home. After the fire was out, I gave SERVPRO a call and they were at my house within 30 minutes. They thoroughly discussed the restoration process and informed me on the next steps to take.

This company will forever have my service! I am single mother who doesn’t know much about repairing anything. When my pipe burst In the middle of the night, I went into a severe panic and immediately called the first restoration company I found on google. Thank God it was SERVPRO! They came right in and stopped the pipe from leaking. Additionally, they assured the house was safe for me and my kids to stay in until further remediation the next day.

SERVPRO did a phenomenal job on my house. I was in complete shambles when my house flooded, and they arrived almost immediately extracting the water. So many of my valuables were saved because of how prompt and caring the technicians were. Thank you SERVPRO!